A first-person shooter for SJWs


It can be hard out there for responsible adults in the world of online gaming. No one really wants to spend his or her valuable downtime getting blown up by some angry teenager.

Enter Overwatch (PC, Xbox One and PS4, $39.99-$59.99), a new game from Blizzard. The games are all objective-based, meaning that there’s a strategy deeper than just “shoot to kill.” Choose from a stable of 23 heroes, each with unique abilities and suited to different roles on the battlefield. Want to be the shooty guy in the middle of the fray? There’s a character for that. Want to hang back and lay traps for the enemy? That one comes in “irradiated Australian lunatic” and “cosmopolitan Indian woman.”

One of the most appealing aspects of Overwatch is the design of these heroes. They all look and move like Pixar characters, and the sheer breadth of appearance represented here is something to be lauded. Blizzard released a new hero into the game last week, and she’s a middle-aged Egyptian woman who speaks Arabic. That sentence alone is more diverse than the last 10 Call of Duty games put together.