Totally pawsome

Cat Games: Mouse Hunt

My cat Zoey is a huge fan of the Animal Planet show My Cat From Hell. Like, she’ll watch an entire hourlong episode just staring at the screen in wonder. Kind of makes me feel like a bad kitty parent, but it also kind of makes me happy because that’s one hour she’s not meowing at me about food, playtime or whatever else is on her bossy little mind. Now I have a new distraction for her by way of Cat Games: Mouse Hunt. This one-hour YouTube clip from Gaming Palooza Empire is basically like Bugs and Toddlers, but for felines. Instructions are simple: “Place cat in front of the screen.” From there, your precious kitty can “chase” a virtual mouse as it darts around the computer or TV screen. Probably want to clear the immediate area for this one. Also of note, the game comes with an explicit warning: “For cats only.” Duly noted, let me go pour another glass of wine, because it’s lazy cat parenting for the win!