An Internet's A-lister


Hey, you—I see you chuckling at that funny picture on the Internet. Ever wonder where those come from? Here's how it works: A truly funny person shares an original thought or humorous image. From there, it can go anywhere—reposted on Facebook via pages such as “Geeks are Sexy” or on Instagram via @TheFatJewish without attribution. C'mon—do you really think that George Takei and Morgan Freeman have time to come up with all that garbage by themselves?

One of the most ripped-off humorists on the Web is Sean Tejaratchi, who posts his brilliantly absurd work on LiarTownUSA ( Tejaratchi began his career as a satirist in 1994, publishing his zine Crap Hound in Portland, Ore. Since then, he's been active on Twitter as @ShittingtonUK, for which Rolling Stone declared him one of its “25 Funniest People on Twitter” in 2012.

His LiarTownUSA posts imitate D-List Netflix series (with titles like Prison Cod), erotic paperbacks (More or Less Aroused) and even B-list Netflix series—his recent series of Law and Order: SVU parodies featured Ice-T.

The site is extremely NSFW, but that's more than half the fun. You'll be shocked and delighted at what this man can do with Photoshop as you scroll past entries such as The Hardy Boys Lose Their Shit or a calendar bearing the title Birds With Human Penises.