A cocktail that comforts

Sweater Weather, Bottle & Barlow

Hot toddies are perfect for turning in after a long day or combating the cold you might catch this season, but what if you want something a little stronger, a little spicier, a little hotter? Bottle & Barlow’s Sweater Weather ($10) is the perfect consumable sweater for cold weather. It’s a hot cocktail mixed with cinnamon whiskey, rum, rooibos leaves, apple, allspice, salted whipped cream and topped with shaved nutmeg. Spicy and warm, it’s the equivalent of cuddling next to a fire place, wrapped in a fluffy blanket, with a hot cup of apple cider. To round out the mood, play The Neighbourhood’s “Sweater Weather” while drinking this comforting elixir because you can’t have enough sweater in this weather. 1120 R Street, bottleandbarlow.com