A classy kitchen

Illustration by Mark Stivers

If your kitchen is really small, and you need to cook a whole lot of food all at once (especially a large batch of food certified for a commercial event), check out Lulu’s Kitchen. Located at the edge of Midtown and downtown, the space run by Feeding Crane Farms offers a six-burner gas range with double ovens, professional mixers, a walk-in fridge, a commercial blender and all the cooking tools you'll need to cook a huge batch of any dish. Plus, when it's not being rented by the hour, the kitchen is home to monthly classes run by Adam Pechal of Tuli Bistro and Restaurant Thir13en (http://chefadampechalnorcalfavorites.eventbrite.com) and date-night cooking classes for couples hosted by a company called 4311 Attawa (http://4311attawa.yolasite.com)—among others. Lulu's Kitchen is located at 701 16th Street. To rent the space, make a reservation for a class or for more information, visit www.luluskitchensacramento.com.