A bite of Chaat Paradise

Illustration by Serene Lusano

And on the seventh day, God knocked over the spice rack on his tortilla-like flatbread, then dropped it in the herb garden. He picked it up, tasted the herb-speckled golden halo, and it was good. He said they shall be called theplas and placed them in paradise—that is, Chaat Paradise, a vegetarian Indian restaurant in Roseville (8680 Sierra College Boulevard), where the friendly staff pointed out the 24 vegan-safe menu items (veg burger no, gobi manchuriancauliflower cooked with spices—yes), which include savory concoctions of chickpeas, green peas, dal, potato patties, chutneys and fried bread to satiate divine appetites. The kitchen will also make the saag paneer with potato in lieu of cheese on request. Plus, Chaat Paradise is deliciously inexpensive and has weekday special thalis for less than 9 bucks—some which may include a heavenly thepla. And, by God, it is good.