Pizza Bell’s vegan goldmine

Illustration by SERENE LUSANO

Pizza Bell in Elk Grove has a vegan menu. Yeah, it’s a big deal. Back in February, vegan then-employee Brandi Bell launched the menu at the vintage family-style pizza joint (8591 Elk Grove Boulevard). According to manager Patty Cox, it didn’t really catch on until after the Sacramento Vegan Chef Challenge Facebook page posted the menu, which doesn’t appear on Pizza Bell’s website. Pizza Bell staffers said people have come from downtown Sacramento, Rancho Cordova and Petaluma to try its three vegan pies loaded with Daiya faux cheese and colorful produce; robust, golden calzone; crispy garlic flatbread; and warm, buttery, doughy Twisters—plus plenty of vegan ranch sauce. “It’s an overwhelming response,” Cox said. The new menu illustrates how the vegan community is eager and mobilized to support local businesses that provide plant-based options. Cox said she realizes it’s a goldmine of untapped customers. “I’ve opened up a whole new world.”