Issue: June 11, 2015

Hi everybody,

Man, I'm so tempted to mock the Reno Memo this week, but it'd be like shooting hipsters in a barrel. At least they're transparent in their efforts to sound with it. No, to the contrary, like using an Incognito browser or emptying your cache to avoid the paywall, the Reno Memo is currently a free service of the RG-J :

Hot in herre

Its gettin hot in here (so hot) So take off all your clothes. JK. Really, it's Summer Guide 2015! This year, the editorial brainiacs came up with 12 weekends worth of checklists. Would you believe we've planned a Psychedelic Weekend, a Lost Weekend Weekend or a Hot August Night Weekend? Don't forget the lube.

It's news, but it's a dry news

Remember that scene at the end of High Plains Drifter where Clint Eastwood disappears into the rising desert heat waves? It's like that, only newsier.

Certified Organic!

Farm-to-table! Gluten-free! Open source! Cruelty-free! Internetty! We knew the Legislature's outcome was going to be bad, but even the nutty crunchies were looking in the wrong direction.

Bob, bob, bob, bob-bobs, the man

You know who's the only paid local movie reviewer in Reno? It's Bob. And you love Bob like a fixy, a neckbeard or an ironic degree.

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Know something about your city

Yeah, our average staff time in the biggest little city is about 44.75 years, so you're probably not telling us anything we don't know, but hey, give us a shot: Editors and other readers probably won't make fun of you, but you want to be kind of careful.

Who's winning the Internet?

The guy who brought the video camera to work over on Kuenzli .

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