Issue: June 18, 2015

Hey, y'all.

You know the Riverside Artist Lofts in downtown Reno? Well, at least one

loft dweller calls 'em as the "Riverslide Artist Laughs," and RN&R arts

editor Brad Bynum tells us why in this week's cover story. Hint: It's a

dry sort of laughter.

Also in this week's paper, news editor Dennis Myers debunks some bunk

journalism and analyzes Nevada's caucus system; writer Josie Luciano

meets a Scientology spinoff group that's apparently fighting the whole

creep factor; and film critic Bob Grimm calls out a few unabashedly

beefy monster-dinos in Jurassic World.

Thanks for reading, and as always, be sure to pick up a newsprint copy

of the paper for exclusive columns, cartoons and timeless historical

records. If not for you, we'd go extinct.

Georgia Fisher

RN&R Special Projects Editor