Studies funding revealed

The Beacon Hill Institute recently produced 16 studies of power plant operations in 16 states, including Nevada. The reports claim that proposed Environmental Protection Agency rules for the plants “would lead to rolling blackouts, send electricity prices skyrocketing, and devastate local economies, are being published in 16 states by a network of pro-corporate and ultra-conservative think tanks.”

The London Guardian has now reported that the reports are “funded … by an ultra-conservative think tank, the Beacon Hill Institute [which] is associated with a network of ultra-conservative groups working with the American Legislative Exchange Council and funded by patrons of anti-government causes such as the Koch brothers and Searle Freedom Trust.”

Reporter Suzanne Goldenberg wrote that the studies are released through local right wing front groups. She also reports, “In 2013, Suffolk University publicly repudiated Beacon Hill after the Guardian reported the organization told prospective funders its studies could undermine a regional climate change initiative.”