Iraq bill still rises

The Iraq war keeps costing. On Monday, June 8, just after 10 in the morning, the (financial) cost to the nation of the war hit $818,500,889,274, according to the National Priorities Project. That figure rises by approximately $115,516 an hour.

The cost Nevadans have paid for the war by that hour was $6,667,056,499.

The residents of Nevada's second U.S. House district have paid $1,745,752,092

Residents of Washoe County have paid $1,287,210,158.

Residents of Reno have paid $573,370,219.

Residents of Sparks have paid $131,521,926.

This is our eighth report on these figures over the past eight years. When we first started watching these counts in 2007 (“The other war toll,” Sept. 27, 2007), these were the figures: United States $279,759,077; Nevada $2,506,718; Reno $205,839.