Team attack

To “celebrate” the one year anniversary of the Russian coup to install a hideous moron in our White House, I sent this tweet to Twitler. “We are coming for you, Dum Dum. We’re coming. Get ready. Believe me.” Of course, Trump doesn’t see these, and I’d guess nobody does, but there’s a certain catharsis in just writing and sending that’s kinda fun. I wasn’t thinking of anything beyond the Specter of Mueller, really, but now, it’s obvious that more and more people are getting really tired of this ridiculous asshole, and they’re now ready to do something about it.

Attack Squad 1. The lawsuit involving Trump’s businesses benefitting financially because Dum Dum is now the President. The suit centers around Orange Man and the family business running roughshod over the emoluments clause of the Constitution, which bars the President from accepting economic benefits from foreign leaders without Congressional consent. Trump and family have been cashing in from Day One, and the argument that Trump has complied with The Clause because he’s turned all business interests over to the kids is laughably lame. The CREW crew (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington) is headed by two presidential ethicists, Norm Eisen (Obama) and Richard Painter (Bush), and they have every intention of being a royal pain in Trump’s ass.

Attack Squad 2. None other than Larry Fucking Flynt. In October, Larry fired up a full page ad in the Washington Post, offering a cool $10 mill to anyone who has some data/evidence that leads to the eventual impeachment of Dum Dum. The ad was well-written and thorough and yeah, who knows if it will lead to anything or if Larry just took a few thousand dollars and threw it down the toilet, but the message was rock solid. With this ad, Larry showed more political courage that 90 percent of the Rethuglican Senate and 100 percent of the Rethuglican House of Invertebrates.

Attack Squad 3. The women who were groped, mauled, and assaulted by our Pussy Fiend Prez, who, as we heard on the Billy Bush rap, has all kinds of smooth moves to keep a date rolling. Their various suits and complaints haven’t died. Not by a long shot.

Attack Squad 4. California businessman Tom Steyer, who is financing a national campaign to impeach Twitler. The television spot is impressive and heartfelt. The website is Need To Impeach dot com. He’s collected 1.4 million signatures. Does he have yours? BTW, 49 percent of us think impeachment is a swell idea.