Facing ourselves

So back in the summer, a thought crossed my mind, and it won’t go away, the thought being that Donald Trucking Fump is America’s Ugly Karma, one that must be suffered and accommodated, because the USA has some dues to pay.

Yes, I’m saying we may have Orangeman as our prez because we have to reap what we have sown. Universal rules. And what we sowed in our horrific Iraq misadventure was death, mangling, wounding, pain, sorrow, and dumpsters of hatred in staggering amounts. A lot of people got dead because of our blustering decision. Many more got hurt, injured, mutilated and deformed. This isn’t good. This isn’t good at all. You do not, as a country, fuck up at that magnitude and storm into a place, shoot it up with all our high-powered Shock and Awe, and then just split, saying “Oops” without incurring some serious debt. Especially when the utterly regrettable invasion was based on a lie. If there is such a thing as karma in this universe, well, dig the cosmic beauty of it. We caused epic suffering because of a lie. Hence, we now suffer and cope with a pathological liar as our president. We elected an ignorant, racist, regressive, mentally ill (malignant narcissism) Superprick, through a complex flurry of forces and factors that we’re just beginning to understand, because sooner or later, karmic principle would not be put off or denied. Bloodthirsty ole Uncle Sam was gonna have to own up. It’s as simple as that.

Now, the great Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone appears to have considered and accepted a similar possibility in terms of “what goes around, comes around.” In the Oct. 5 Stone, he wrote, “This is who we’ve always been, a nation of madmen and sociopaths, for whom murder is a line item, kept hidden via a long list of semantic self-deceptions, from “manifest destiny” to “collateral damage” … Now, the mask of respectability is gone, and we feel sorry for ourselves, because the sickness is showing … We see this hideous clown in the White House and feel our dignity outraged, but when you really think about it, what should America’s President look like? Trump is no malfunction. he’s a perfect representation of who, as a country, we are and always have been: an insane monster … When it’s not trembling in terror, the rest of the world must be laughing its ass off. America, land of the mad pig president.”

An insane monster. Liberal hysteria or spot-on journalism? Who can watch Dum Dum hassling Myeshia Johnson and favor the former?