MAG this

So here it comes, the meme of Dum Dum teeing off and the ball, courtesy of a creative MAGAN, plunks Hillary in the back and knocks her down (clip from a Hill tumble a few years ago), and I’m looking at it, goin’ “Really? Really, Trump? You’re goin’ there? Way to ooze class, dignity and intelligence. Asswipe.” I mean, this clip is pretty much straight out of the movie Idiocracy, fercrissake, and it was just such hokey slapstick bullshit on a Benny Hill level (maybe even more Three Stooges) that if you had to consider the question of where the line is for presidents doing this kind of thing, I’m not quite sure where it is, and I’m pretty sure that President Shemp doesn’t know either (although the third time I saw it, I sorta cracked up, I gotta confess!).

But it does appear that the glacial pace at which the Watergate investigation ambled along doesn’t seem to apply here in the Modern Age. As in, Mr. Mueller and his rotweilers appear to not be taking too many vacation days, and things are moving along at a brisk pace. Just tonight, a bit of poo spattered against the blades of the air-moving device, as details surfaced about the Mueller Raid on Manafort’s house in July, featuring a direct threat of indictment for ole Paul, delivered by a thoughtful federal employee. If one were a betting man, one might be inclined to place a wager that Mr. Manafort won’t be the last inductee into the ranks of indictees, and boy, oh, boy things are getting nice and juicy.

Super fun to see some MAGA lids go up in flames in response to Dum Dum being almost human about DACA. We can only marvel that this segment of The Base finally got pissed because Trump, for once, wasn’t a complete prick, reminding us that 30-35 percent of America is flat out psychotic.

Jesus, the Rethuglicans and their never-ending shitty health care plans! Once again, we see black-hearted Repubs bringing back their zombie health bill, and yes, it’s still terrible. Never before have so many old, white assholes been so dedicated to doing something truly horrible to the American People, and for only one reason—so they can give a so-called “win” to their pathetic, demented, incompetent “leader,” who so far has nothing to show for his pathetic incompetence. This new Graham-Cassidy POS is the worst of them all. Once again, Republicans—65 percent of America doesn’t give the slightest goddamn about a “win” for that asshole you Putin the White House.