So, it starts

So if the pig Ailes was taken down by sexual assault charges, as well as the pig O’Reilly and the pig Weinstein, why not the pig Trump? Why not? If Dum Dum calls all his accusers liars, that pretty much completely guarantees that (1) they’re telling the truth, and (2) he’s lying his ass off.

Then again, it’s Monday, and—as just about everybody has said at least once today—it’s Mueller Time. So maybe the sexual assault case should just lay low while Mueller gently boils Mr. Manafort’s eggs in ye olde federal ball poacher? It’s now obvious the Senate Judiciary Committee, The Senate Intelligence Committee, and the House Intelligence Committee investigations are quickly becoming trivial little sidebars. I think the sane people on those committees—meaning Dems—are fine with being neutered; they probably wanna kick back with the rest of us and watch Mueller go after Trump like a wolverine going after a bucket of chicken. This first day of Mueller Time has been downright nifty, with Bob not wasting any time in throwing us some red meat in the form of Georgie Slopalopolous. Tasty!

I mean, if a guy just told a judge that he was absolutely guilty of working his Russian connections for thousands of Democratic e-mails with the obvious hopes of finding great dirt to slime the Clinton campaign, and that he was working on the Trump campaign at the time of these communications, and his superior would say stuff like “Great work” as opposed to “We better call the FBI,” well, uh, gee—isn’t that pretty much a done deal? Doesn’t that prove that every time DOTUS (Dipstick) says there was “no collusion, no way, no collusion,” he’s lying (again) as purely and completely as it’s possible to lie?

I just love, love, love the image that Georgie Guilty might have dropped by the White House in September and had a nice long chat with Jared and Ivanka and Papa Perry Combover, and the batteries in the wire he was wearing stayed strong throughout. Wouldn’t that be just special? I wonder what they would talk about? I’m guessing something along the lines of “OK, everybody, let’s get our stories straight.” We just may find out some day soon. Fun!

Why is grouchy glowerer press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders? Why isn’t she simply Sarah Sanders, like a regular humanoid? I don’t give a fuck that her old man is some lame rube who just tumbled off the pumpkin truck. Cut the cord, Sarah. Have a glass of wine, maybe? Double up your Lexapro? DO SOMETHING!!! (Trump’s Tweet of the Week).