More bile for the Trumpets

I learned a long time ago. I don’t listen to Rush. I don’t watch Hannity. All they do is piss me off, usually within seconds. Who needs the agitation? Which is why I find it strange that there appear to be actual Trumplodytes reading This Space. I mean, Jesus, folks, you know I’m gonna say something, sooner or later, that will just get you all agitated and pose a threat to the integrity of your undergarments. Are you masochists or what? If so, that would explain a lot, actually.

I gotta admit, there’s a very positive upside to Trump being a running dog lackey of Vlad the Derailer. Now that the USA will soon be Ameristan, we probably won’t have to worry about Vlad’s nasty little cyber-terrorist hit squads seizing our power grid or taking control of instant replay or something equally malicious. We take care of new friends, da!

Notice in Trump’s statement after being briefed by intelligence about the certainty of Russian hacks, the Charlatan In Chief made yet another comment about how there’s no proof of any tampering of election machines. Of course there isn’t. That’s just Don, once again, reaching out to his hefty base of poorly educated MAGA muttonheads who can’t grasp anything more complex in this scenario. Nobody’s ever asserted that the Russians directly hacked into election machines so as to change Clinton votes for Trump. Puh-leez. Gimme a fucking break. You don’t do anything so crude as to hack election machines. All you need do is constantly slime your opponent with embarrassing minutiae designed to convince Da Folks that she’s “evil” and “crooked.” Then, Da Folks, who’ve already been nicely softened up and radicalized by an incessant barrage of negativity (Repetition Equals Truth!), will go out on Voting Day and act as your agents. It’s perfect. Da Folks will go to their polling places and willingly participate in the coup, electing the Chosen One without a shot being fired. It’s tidy, neat and positively brilliant. I have to give them Russkies credit.

Hey, let’s check in on our old buddy Carl Paladino! This week, we find that this racist greaseball and Trump’s good buddy (Don’s campaign chairman in New York), still sits on the Buffalo School Board, even after his disgusting comments about the Obamas. When that board asked for his resignation, Carl said basically FOAD. Of course, Trump could end this embarrassment with one stinking tweet, but he’s too busy yapping about the ratings for some moronic reality show or getting his feelings hurt by an actress. Seriously.

Is this shit really happening?