Issue: December 29, 2016

Hello readers!

Welcome to the last Reno News & review of 2016! Star Wars fans--a.k.a. nearing on everyone—-might want to proceed directly to Brad Bynum's editor's note, where he pays a sweet tribute to Carrie Fisher.

In our usual tradition, we're ending the year with the top 10 censored news stories from Project Censored, so if you still need to catch up on how the United States deployed military forces in 70 percent of the world's nations, how search engine algorithms may have affected the 2016 election, or how over 1.5 million american families live on $2 per person per day, this week's feature story is a good place to start.

In news, Dennis Myers explores talk about rekindling nuclear tests in Nevada. On our arts and culture pages, Georgia Fisher introduces us to the nice guys of Reno Wrestle Factory, Josie Luciano gives us some helpful context on the American folk art exhibit at the Nevada Museum of Art, Todd South reports on feasting at Feast, Marc Tiar schools us on barrel-aged beers, Jeri Chadwell-Singley met some "mountain rockers," and I met the manager of a new downtown coffeehouse that's also a motorcycle accessories shop. And no, it doesn't smell like hot rubber or exhaust, just espresso and breakfast burritos.

Be sure to pick up a hard copy so you can enjoy the RN&R retro-style--and of course practice all those cool origami newspaper gift-bag designs from Pinterest you never got around to making before the holidays. (Or is that just me? That really is what I'll be doing with my hard copy this week.)

Wishing you a happy, safe, fun and full-on splendid 2017. We really love it that you read our paper. Thank you.

Kris Vagner