What goes around

I gotta admit, John Oliver nailed it with his remark about how Trump appears to be checking stuff off the Things To Do List on the refrigerator—only it’s Satan’s refrigerator! Similarly, Saturday Night Live struck comedy gold with its skit about Trump nominating Walter “Heisenberg” White to head the DEA. It was a great bit, and then it hit me that some of Trump’s picks are pretty much exactly like Walter White in charge of the DEA. How quickly the humorous can shift to the ominous.

In Superman, you may recall the alt-region known as Bizarro World, where all those roughly chiseled, strange-looking folks behave in an “anti” kind of way, where “Us do opposite of all Earthly things! Us hate beauty! Us love ugliness!” I can’t help but look at Don’s nominees for his cabinet, and wonder if Trump Tower has its own secret portal to a Bizarro Universe.

How else to explain nuclear physicist Steven Chu handing the keys of Energy to—gulp—Rick Perry? John Kerry departing for Tex Drillerson? The creep from Carl’s, Jr. getting the job at Labor? The okie petro-kook nominated to head the Environmental Protection Agency, an agency he loathes? It’s Bizarro World, baby. Us screw up big time! Yay for screwup! Yay us!

The Russian scandal isn’t gonna get him. The Electors aren’t gonna get him. The real showdown is coming. Get used to this word—emoluments. Even shitheads like McCain, Ryan and McConnell know that Trump’s plan to turn over all the businesses to Eric, Don Jr. and Ivanka ain’t gonna cut it. There’s only one way out—complete divestiture of all assets put into a blind trust. And having your kids run the “blind trust” is perfectly acceptable—if you live in fucking Bizarro World!

Never forget—the Republican Party wanted the White House so desperately that it was willing to get in bed with the Russians.

Karma, man. Karma. Perhaps this disastrous election can be best explained as good ole Karma. As you sow, so shall you reap. And we have to admit, the United States has done an awful lot of meddling in foreign governments. Look at Iran ’54. Guatemala ’54. The Congo ’63. Chile ’73. Just a few of the countries that had democratically elected governments disrupted, compromised and overturned by Uncle Sam because those governments weren’t in conjunction with our interests. We’ve backed dozens of horrific dictators—all installed and supported as long as they played with a red, white and blue ball.

So maybe we were seriously overdue for some meddling payback?