Marching against Twitler

The numbers from the world’s women’s marches were phenomenal. They were phenomenal because what took place was a true phenomenon. Never before in the history of our planet had so many people hit the streets to deliver a message to one man, a message that can be summed up very simply as Earth’s Middle Finger, aimed directly at one Donald J. Twitler.

There were, of course, the huge and expected turnouts in the big cities—500,000 in DC, 400k in NYC, 250k in Chicago, 200k in Denver, 100k in Boston, LA, SF, Seattle, and Madison (!), 50k in Philly, ATL and Austin, and that’s already 2 mill. But it’s the smaller towns in red states that were, in their own way, just as impressive—Little Rock 7k, Sioux Falls 3k, Juneau, Jackson, and Tulsa 1k, Sand Point ID 800, and on and on (and yes, Reno absolutely rocked with its own 10k showing).

Just as important and just as big a part of this truly inspirational phenomenon was the international participation. London with 100,000, Toronto with 60k, Melbourne 10k, Amsterdam 4k, Frankfurt and Dublin 2k, Seoul, Stockholm, Oaxaca 1k, and on and on, and you get the idea.

It was massive, it was truly planetary, and it was, without a doubt, the biggest day of protest in the history of humanity. Would you believe approx 4 million total? Yes, there were huge protests against Vietnam in the ’60s and ’70s, but even those weren’t close to what went down on 1-21-17. Trust me, there have never been 100 people in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania marching for any American-inspired reason. Not until 1-21-17.

And all of the marching, the speeches, the signs (We Shall Overcomb!) took place and happened without one cop car getting burned, without one window being broken, without one tear gas canister being lobbed. Absolutely amazing, remarkable, and righteous. Totally peaceful, textbook demonstrations that were beyond all expectations.

So, of course, Twitler wasted no time in sending out his twin attack poodles, Spice Guy and Kellyanne ConJob, to piss all over this “unpresidented” event. Each pugnacious pub peon showed itself to be fully capable of lying directly into the camera without a twitch (“alternative facts?” beg pardon? WTF?!?!) Sean Spice’s barrage of horseshit was especially remarkable, as he insisted that Twitler’s inauguration was the largest in U.S. history when any 6 year-old could look at the side by side pics of these gatherings and see that he was absolutely lying his ass off in a truly Orwellian way. It would be funny if it wasn’t completely horrifying.