Letters for November 26, 2015

Welcome to Reno

There is a man and wife named Walter and Judy Gloshinski who have relocated from central Ohio to Reno after years of teaching students with mental disabilities. They should be retiring but they are risking it all to open Smiling with Hope Pizza (www.smilingwithhopepizza.com) in Reno as the years of fighting with various school administrations took their toll. He still wants to make a difference, only on his terms, and this is the biggest risk he and his wife have ever taken in their lives. He is the most generous, friendly, giving and helpful man many will ever know. He is also quite a musician. If you’d care to listen to one of his recordings regarding his work for those in need you can listen to it here: www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=157137

His pizza shop is currently under construction, and he is teaming up with all local agencies to employ and teach the mentally disabled the art of baking so they can live better lives and support themselves. You need do nothing more than Google “Smiling with Hope Bakery” and read all of the news coverage and stories the central Ohio media and national media reported on his work in teaching students in central Ohio. He’s moved to your town now, and some publicity would be a wonderful thing for him and his cause. He’s trying to do more than he could accomplish in the public school systems and is worthy of a story. If you would like to read of his most recent endeavors building a home in Reno and then making this move into the unknown, he has posted [it on the website].

He is worth a story as he has a great one to tell (and a not so great one regarding the public school system and how it treats the mentally disabled).

Please give him some publicity as he is one in a million.

Richard Schmidt

(formerly) Granville, Ohio

Bernie, Bernie, burning bright

Bernie Sanders is drawing the biggest crowds because he is working for us middle class Americans. How many other candidates dare to say that the wealthy should pay more taxes? None! But can he be elected to the presidency? Unfortunately, no. Why? Because the rich and powerful have enough money and power to control politics in this country more than you could believe.

Brad MacKenzie


Corporate Nevada

I am writing you about a story that the RG-J put out without posting the comments. Their story said a school in Sun Valley could not be built on federal land because of the sage grouse. The land around Sun Valley has no existing sage grouse or nesting grounds. They were destroyed years ago. The Bureau of Land Management is not in the practice of giving land to school projects. The reason for blaming the sage grouse is simple. The lobbies for gold mines and oil/gas corporations see the sage grouse as their only threat that can stop the land grabs and water waste.

Congress voted to never let the sage grouse be listed as endangered as it would stop the progress of of making the Nevada mercury-filled dust bowl. Gold prices have continued to drop due to many factors, one being investors are not comfortable with the destruction and human rights abuses that companies like Barrick of Canada have done all over the globe. They just dumped the biggest gold mine in America at Bald Mountain, Ruby Valley, Nevada, on Kinnross of Canada, causing their stocks to plummet. Our sage grouse is their only threat, seeing as our mining laws are only in place to protect the corporations not the residents of Nevada or the, rest of America. Too bad sage grouse taste so bad or they would have made the endangered list long before Congress made that illegal. So now the mega-corporations are putting themselves in the same class as education. The sad thing is, in Nevada our education system has not been much better than gold mining and fracking for Nevada.

Shaun Gilbert