Issue: November 19, 2015

Dear Folks,

This week, forty newspapers around the nation will be running essays on

the Paris climate talks. Organized by the News & Review newspapers, this

effort will take the form of letters to the great-grandchildren of

figures like astronaut Stephen Robinson, novelists Jane Smiley and T.C.

Boyle, U.S. Sen. Harry Reid. Join us for this special cover story.

Elsewhere in our issue this week, Kelsey Fitzgerald reports on classes

available at a local marijuana dispensary to help take up the slack left

by government policies that prevent patients from having the information

they need about this medicine. Brian Breneman writes about the

experience of spending weeks watching 53 years of James Bond movies.

We'll have an interview with the owner of a town fixture-- the Gold 'n'

Silver Inn. And in news we'll look at whether some groups can be

exempted from a key provision of the new state grant program that pays

parents to take their children out of public schools.

Thank you for reading us.

Take care,

Dennis Myers,

News editor