Letters for October 22, 2015

Power up

We, the citizens of Reno, need our utilities supplier to allow a great deal more of solar systems. Commercial properties as well as residential should allow cap restrictions to be thrown out. Why is it we scream against the top 1 percent of wealthy people but not against those business that hold the same distinction? The amount of money that flowed thru the halls of our Legislature would make the governor’s budget recommendations much more obtainable!

I myself would love to see our great city have the entire downtown be on solar power.

BJ Salinger



Re “Would you run for public office?” (Street Talk, Oct. 9):

I thought I knew better and to just walk on by when I saw Dennis Myers with a tape recorder, but no, I fell for it and gave my first impression to his question about whether I would ever run for public office. “Who would be stupid enough to do that,” I declared. On further reflection, and out of respect to those in public office, I must elaborate.

In the current political climate, created largely after the Cheney/Kristol neo-conservatives and their “either you are with us or against us” mentality that followed, and the Congressional leadership that made it a priority to vote against anything the Obama administration proposed, elected officials today endure incredible frustration in public office. Who would want to stick their necks out 10 miles to try to accomplish something worthwhile in that atmosphere? It is unfortunate that many of the published responses to the question were as cynical as mine. How do we change this mentality in politics and attract decent people to run for office?

Legislating or administrating in public office does not mean getting your way or having your agenda. It involves building consensus and that means being able to live with compromise.

Tom Gallagher


So far

RN&R has become so far left in it’s journalistic content I don’t even want to read it anymore. Where is your objectivity? I would like to see a little more bi-partisan attitude. Portray Reno with fair journalism—an open minded community—not strictly liberal.

Deborah Charles


An invention

I thought church and state were supposed to be separate.

There is no such thing as religion. It’s an organization that man made up, groups of people claiming their believes in a god that doesn’t exist. Fools. Your beliefs are your conscience. Most people have one.

If you’re not satisfied or disillusioned with the way things are, change them or do something else. But don’t put your “religion” into it. That’s nonsense.

If your conscience says you can’t issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, move on. …

If you don’t want to serve alcohol on an airplane flight? Move on. The airline makes the rules, not you or your religion.

And pharmacists that won’t issue birth control pills to single unmarried women—get real. Move on.

Rules are rules. If you don’t like them, move on to something else.

Helen Howe

Lemmon Valley