Letters for November 12, 2015

Nothing gets done

Donald Trump is hated by many people. So why is he doing so well in his attempt to get the Republican nomination for president? Here’s the story:

The Republicans have the majority in both houses of the Congress. And what have they done with it? Besides using every trick they know to block the president, they have done nothing! They talk about “immigration reform,” but it’s just talk. Nothing gets done.

And then, all of a sudden, up pops The Donald. He is loud and he is brash, but he can identify the problems and point out the lack of action we have seen for years. His opponents have excuses, but they are afraid to take a firm stand on one side or the other, for fear of offending somebody. Not so with Trump. Offending those who are happy with the do-nothing GOP is the name of the game.

The Donald has made this an interesting race for the White House. Thanks, big guy.

Brad MacKenzie



Does anyone know there are disabled people in Reno? Does anyone care?

I am tired of having to go into Reno from Lemmon Valley every time I need a service. I am physically disabled and can’t climb flights of stairs. But more importantly, my phone is no longer any good. I am profoundly hearing impaired and use a caption telephone.

A caption telephone requires two telephone lines or internet. It is a telephone with a screen. On the screen appears the caller’s words. It takes a second or two to read them, and then I answer. That’s the reason for a pause between the caller’s voice and mine. Also when someone calls, I say, “I am using a caption telephone. It will be about 20 seconds before we can begin our conversation. Please do not hang up.“ And people hang up all the time.

At present, I am looking for an electrician, an attorney for seniors, and a handyman. Winter is here. I can’t get out every day. And now my phone is useless.

I live seven miles into Lemmon Valley, alone, about 15 miles to the city. I’m not homebound.

Please, people, understand about the phone. Educate yourselves. There are disabled people, and we count. We pay taxes like you and we’re entitled to be served by the community.

Helen Howe

Lemmon Valley

Wet science

Re “Water wars: How politics beat science in the West” (Feature story, Nov. 5):

Once again the clear, concise prose of resident scribe Dennis Myers has served to inform RN&R readers, this time about a topic elemental to all of our lives in the arid deserts of Northern Nevada. It was fascinating to read his juxtaposition of quotes from politicians of the era and our current crop of reality deniers. Sigh, the more things change …

One may only wonder if Powell’s recommendations for enlightened development had been followed, would there even be the Reno we know today?

I look forward to his next article about water in the West, when the mysteries of “water rights” are revealed.

Steve Waclo

Carson City

Video is proof

Re “Go easy, Mayor” (Editorial, Nov. 5):

“like the already full overflow shelter, and temporary housing for her dog.”

Unfortunately the very next day this argument was disproven. The City Council meeting had a leader of a local shelter come in and discuss they have about 30-ish beds available not counting some of the other programs they are working on.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t like stories of “heartless officers.” However, the lack of video to back their claims gives me a lot of pause. The only place a private account of mistreatment holds more weight than an officer’s account is in the court of public opinion. There are a lot of people who assume police are misbehaving and thus will take accounts like this at face value.

However, if you encounter police misbehavior and ever intend to invoke change you need to video it. It is easy to do and a modern social justice advocate is expected to do so. A failure to video or share collected video creates major doubt as to the veracity of the claims … especially since when the issue was brought forward the very next day, a representative of the officers was willing to face the light of public accountability, but I didn’t see a single person speak who made these claims (admittedly I only watched a portion of the meeting).

Scott Reimers