Letters for October 29, 2015

Motivation in vandalism

Thanks for keying our car.

Upon leaving our employee-friendly supermarket today, I noticed some meanie did not like our Nevadans for Bernie Sanders bumper sticker too much.

Not sure if it was a Trump or Clinton supporter, but obviously they don’t like a candidate who touts such things as medicare for all, social security, educating our kids, fighting climate change, stopping the oligarchs, etc. You know, those “socialist” things. And since it was an employee-owned store, I suspect the latter, because we all know the conservatives will never shop in stores that are employee friendly, even to save a buck. Oh, never mind.

I am sad that you are such a sorry ass that you have to deface others’ property. You must live a nasty, brutish little life, striking out at things that upset you. I don’t give a shit about the car. It is fixable, unlike you.

So let me taste sweet revenge now. You have only inspired me to put yet another sticker on the car, and to start actively giving them out to my friends and peers. Yes, I will pay to buy more of them, and you have just helped our Bernie win the election. Bless your pointy little head and mean little heart.

You should have let the sleeping giant alone.

Thanks again, and do you still beat your wife/husband?

Craig Bergland


Grimm, brother

If you only love movies for 12 year olds, why are you a film critic? You should review video games instead.

Steven Badall

Shawnigan Lake


Re “Republicans for a united front against women” (Left Foot Forward, Oct. 15):

In response to Sheila Leslie’s column on October 15th, I would like to point out a few facts to her.

First, contraception is not health care. Women are free to use any birth control system they desire, but there is no justification to have other taxpayers pay for it.

Second, Republicans do not hate women. Republicans and other concerned citizens are only saying is that it is not the responsibility of the federal government to pay for birth control devices or services, not to mention that Congress has no constitutional authority in this area. Just because a woman desires a service does not mean the rest of the country should be asked to pay for it. And, no, government shouldn’t pay for men’s sexual dysfunctions either.

Republicans are not taking away any woman’s access to a doctor or health care facility. Women are free to access any doctor or hospital they choose. If they are low-income, there are many free and low-cost clinics provided by counties and states that can help them.

The reason many people, not just Republicans, object to Planned Parenthood receiving taxpayer money is that dollars are fungible. Federal money received in one pocket merely allows Planned Parenthood to use other dollars for abortion services. So, yes, federal tax dollars are used to subsidize abortions.

If we want to assist low-income people with health care needs, there are many other health clinics that can supply that need. Indeed, probably the most efficient way to provide health care assistance to low income people is to give them vouchers that can be used at any doctor’s office or clinic. This would eliminate a whole level of government bureaucracy which would actually reduce the cost for everyone.

Also, we should all recognize that pregnancy is not a disease to be cured. It is part of life.

Paul Johnson

Carson City

Who’s got the button?

Why isn’t there a panic button on all ATM machines? A friend was carjacked on gunpoint, instructed to drive to the ATM for $800. She was able to escape the gunman, and is now struggling with fear and mental reruns. Could this have been avoided if she had seen a red button on the ATM machine? Would such a panic button reduce terrifying acts of violence? What will it take for banks to install this safety device?

Another topic: A homeless man was pulling a green garbage container. I started thinking: In Alaska, I saw a red bus with 22 windowed compartments measuring 3x3x6 for 22 paying tourists. They had 22 sightseeing seats up front and their motel room in the back of the bus. If German tourists can do it, why not offer our street people something similar? Could we construct a container that will serve as sleeping quarter inside the bin, a collapsible lounge chair and a cabinet with shelves on the outside? By asking the potential users, we could produce a custom made, safe place for them to store their belongings and move according to circumstances and sleep safe at night.

Mette Elfving