Angels & Demons

Rated 1.0

Movies based on Dan Brown’s books officially rank as one of the worst movie franchises in existence. I put it right alongside the Alien Vs. Predators movies, the American Pie monstrosities, and those horrendous Beethoven flicks. Tom Hanks … Ron Howard … you must stop…now! Hanks returns for more stupid puzzle solving as Robert Langdon, one of the worst creative decisions he’s made in his career. The mystery in this film is a joke and easily guessed, the puzzles left by a psycho determined to topple the Vatican are ludicrous, and the direction suffers from major continuity problems. I wish I could take solace in the idea that there will be no more Langdon movies, but Brown is set to release another novel featuring the blasé character. A top contender for one of the year’s worst movies.