Star Trek

Rated 5.0

Director J.J. Abrams has put together some sort of modern movie miracle with his reboot of the Star Trek franchise. He manages to retain the vibe of the beloved TV and film series while creating something altogether different, fresh and irresistibly entertaining. His Star Trek is the best Star Trek film I’ve seen, and that includes Wrath of Khan and the humpback whale movie. It’s that good. Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto are excellent as young Kirk and Spock, who get their abilities tested early at Starfleet when they face a crazed Romulan guy named Nero (Eric Bana). Leonard Nimoy has a fun appearance as future Spock, and the film offers a lot of fun mindbenders with time travel. Great action and special effects and a solid cast of people doing plenty with their iconic roles. Karl Urban is especially good as Bones McCoy, as is Simon Pegg as Scotty. It’s a great summer blockbuster and one of the year’s best films.