Dance Flick

Rated 1.0

While this spoof of dance films has a couple of giggles, there are far too many jokes that fail and, even worse, violently bomb. A new crew of Wayans brothers—with cameos from the likes of Marlon, Keenen and sister Kim—takes over the spoof franchise, and they drop the already greasy ball. The film also features decent stars like Amy Sedaris and Chris Elliot embarrassing themselves. (Sedaris is especially painful as Ms. Cameltoe, who can make beatbox sounds, but not with her mouth.) I laughed a couple of times, but almost every time I did, something terrible happened to shut my eager ass up. The movie scored a PG-13 rating, but it certainly pushes the boundaries, so just know that your kids are seeing some pretty nasty stuff if you drop them off at the theater for this one. Spoof films are a dead art. It’s time to stop.