Issue: May 21, 2009

Hey all you newsletter subscribers. This is one of those special opportunities where you, because of your special interest and association with the Reno News & Review, get breaking news before it appears in the newspaper.The staff and I have selected our new columnists. We got a surprisingly deep and intelligent pile of sample columns from those who wanted to be the new “liberal” and “conservative” columnists for the Reno News & Review. I’ve got to tell you, these were extremely difficult choices, and there are at least two potential columnists who may eventually appear in the paper when we hit our next growth spurt.Our new liberal columnist is Jen Huntley, whom many of you may know from her past association with the University of Nevada, Reno. John Barrette, a longtime journalist, is taking up the conservative banner. The weekly columns are slated to begin on May 28. I’m not going to disclose the column names at this time—after all, that’s why we print a newspaper.Lots of good stuff in this week’s paper. The cover story originally ran in the Sacramento News & Review, but the instant I read it, I knew I wanted our readers to see it as well. It’s loosely about global warming, but really it’s kind of a unified theory of planetary and societal collapse. Think that’s overstating the case? Read the story. Danny Riggs also has a fun piece about the new old fad, hula-hooping in our Arts & Culture section.As always, thanks for reading the paper and for your support in all our projects. Speaking of projects, we’ve got a great idea to run in conjunction with this year’s Biggest Little Best of Northern Nevada. This may be our coolest, most ground-breaking project yet. You’ll hear more about it soon.Thanks,Bri