Issue: January 19, 2017

Morning, readers!

As you know, tomorrow's the Big Day. The day it all changes. Of course, I'm referring to Donald Trump taking the oath of office. In preparation, we have a news story this week about events Friday and Saturday--including a viewing party at the Pageant and protests/marches at various locations around town.

In a completely different direction, our cover package this week highlights all the weird people, places and things that make Chico the wonderful place that it is. That's right, it's our annual Weird Chico issue, and it's all leading up to next week's talent show (Jan. 28) and art show (Jan. 26 reception). If you haven't already, grab your tickets for the talent show--this one sells out every year! Available at the CN&R office and Jmax Productions ticket outlets.

Of course, we've got more in this issue for you. A couple looks at homelessness, a visit to OM Foods, an interview with an aerial yoga instructor (yep, you read that right). So, read on!

Until next week,

Meredith J. Cooper, managing editor