Worries be gone

Tips for how to stop worrying so much

Does worrying keep you up at night? Worry, like anxiety, can become overwhelming, but it’s also manageable. Berkeley Wellness, a collaboration of UC Berkeley School of Public Health and a team of national writers, offers a few tips for achieving peace of mind:

Take action: If your worries are valid, do something about it. If you’re concerned about not having enough savings in retirement, for instance, learn as much as you can about investments and start socking money away.

Keep perspective: Continually running over the problem in your mind can keep you from thinking clearly. Ask yourself what purpose your worrying serves, because brooding is counterproductive.

Distract yourself: Go see a movie, get some exercise, or get away for the weekend, and then attack the problem with fresh perspective.

Meditate: Practice breathing exercises or yoga, get on your bike, or go for a run—or anything that calms you down.