Don’t get bitten

Precautions for avoiding rattlesnakes in Upper Bidwell Park

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It’s rattlesnake season in Upper Bidwell Park and Chico park rangers are reminding the public how to avoid a “negative encounter” with a poisonous snake. Here are the recommended precautions:

Wear hiking boots: The majority of snakebites are on the feet, ankles and hands.

Stay on trails: Avoid tall grass, weeds and heavy underbrush.

Look ahead: Keep your eyes on the trail.

Watch where you step: Don’t put your feet or hands in places you can’t see. Step carefully on logs and rocks before stepping over them.

Bring a friend: Always hike with someone who can help in case of emergency.

Let dead snakes lie: A recently deceased rattlesnake can still inject venom.

If you are bitten by a rattlesnake, call 911 and seek attention immediately. Call the city Park Division at 896-7800 for more information.