Twig and berries

The flavonoids in berries may be good for getting it up

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Guys: If you’re having problems, you know, getting it up and keeping it up—we’re talking about erections, here—grab a basket of berries. Researchers have long tied regularly eating berries to heart health and cancer prevention, but a collaborative study by the University of East Anglia in the U.K. and Harvard University suggests foods high in flavonoids may help prevent erectile dysfunction, too. Citrus fruits, also high in flavonoids—a diverse group of chemicals largely responsible for the colors in fruits and veggies—have similar benefits in the bedroom. “It’s all about inadequate blood supply and impaired blood flow,” said lead researcher Aedin Cassidy. “What’s really interesting about the flavonoids is that there’s clinical data and also lab data suggesting they improve blood pressure, they can improve blood flow, and make our arteries more flexible.”