Up your fiber

Tips for getting more of a diet essential

You already know that consuming dietary fiber keeps things, uh, moving through your body. Ah! But were you aware that fiber—which includes parts of plant foods that can’t be digested and absorbed by your body—also promotes bowel health, lowers cholesterol, controls blood sugar and helps maintain a healthy weight? Now you do. Here are some tips for getting more fiber into your diet:

Start early: Try a high-fiber cereal for breakfast with 5 or more grams per serving. Cereals with “whole grain,” “bran” or “fiber” in the name are good bets.

Go for whole grains: At least half of the grains you consume should be whole grains. Good sources are whole grain bread, brown rice, wild rice, barley, whole-wheat pasta and bulgur wheat.

Eat more fruits and veggies: You’ve heard this plenty, but they’re rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals—so shoot for five servings daily.

Snack well: Fresh fruit, nuts, raw veggies, popcorn and whole grain crackers do the trick.

Source: MayoClinic.org