Stop and go

The benefits of interval training

If you want to get in shape but don’t have much time, interval training—short rests or less effort between intense repetitions of an exercise—is where it’s at. For example, when you’re running, go hard for a minute, then jog lightly for three. You can apply the same approach to any number of exercises, from cycling to swimming. You’ll find that:

It’s not boring: For those who don’t care for running at the same pace for an hour, varying intensity will keep it interesting.

You don’t need equipment: The only requirement is more effort (in short bursts).

It applies to sports: Interval training is essentially what you do by playing basketball, soccer, ultimate Frisbee and other team sports.

It doesn’t take as long: Interval train for 30 minutes, instead of jogging for an hour, and be done with it.