Tips for splitting

Ease the mental and emotional burden of breaking up

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Even if it’s the right choice, breaking up with a romantic partner can be an extremely stressful experience. Here are some ways to ease the mental and emotional burden:

Accept how you feel: Recognize that you’ll probably feel anger, anxiety, loneliness, exhaustion and sadness—and that those feelings will lessen over time.

Don’t go it alone: Find a friend or family member to share your feelings with so you don’t keep them bottled inside.

Take care of yourself: Try not to let your everyday routine change too much. Take time to exercise, rest, eat well and relax.

Avoid arguments: If conversations with your ex turn sour, take time apart and suggest trying again in the future.

Explore your interests: Join a sports team or pick up a hobby you didn’t have time for before. Let yourself make new friends.

Source: Mental Health America