Ticks in motion

County warns of tick-borne diseases as weather cools

Deer ticks, aka western black-legged ticks, are active again in Bidwell Park and the Lake Oroville Recreation Area now that the weather is cooler and wetter, according to a press release from the Butte County Mosquito and Vector Control District. Ticks attach to humans and animals and can feed on their blood for days. The district is warning hikers, campers and bikers to be on the lookout for ticks—which can carry Lyme disease, among others—especially in vegetated areas such as shaded grass, shrubs and under leaves in oak woodlands. Outdoor recreationists are also encouraged to:

• stay on trails

• wear bright clothing, so you can easily see ticks

• wear long pants and shirts

• use repellant registered for use against ticks

• check frequently for ticks, especially at the hairline

For more information, call 533-6038.