Stick to the plan

Adhering to diet long-term more important than diet itself, research finds

When it comes to maintaining or losing weight, sticking to your diet long-term may be more important than the diet itself, new research suggests. Not only that, despite popular belief, low-fat diets aren't more effective for weight loss. So discovered a research group led by Harvard Medical School, which looked at 53 published studies involving 68,000 adults. Those on low-fat diets did lose weight, but low-carbohydrate diets were more effective, and the most important factor was adhering to a program. But Deirdre Tobias, an associated epidemiologist with Harvard and the study's lead author, warned against eating fatty foods in excess, too, emphasizing that there are a variety of approaches and “there isn't one that floats to the surface as the optimal diet for weight loss.” Rather, people should find a diet that fits their preferences and cultural needs—and stick to it.

Source: HealthDay