Stay trim this Thanksgiving

Some advice on keeping the pounds off

Photo of Alison Sweeney courtesy of eonline

Thanksgiving is officially upon us, and with this holiday of stuffing turkeys—and ourselves—comes the potential for putting on a few extra pounds. In preparation for the season of feasting, television's Alison Sweeney (you know her as Samantha on Days of Our Lives and as a former host of Biggest Loser) is offering tips on maintaining your waist size through the new year.

1. Don't eat it just because it's there. If it's not totally delicious, skip it.

2. Chow down at home before the party. And make it a healthy meal.

3. Substitute healthy ingredients in your recipes. Think cauliflower mash instead of mashed potatoes.

4. Use small plates instead of those big chargers. It makes portion control simple.

5. Be prepared with healthy snacks while cooking. No grazing on stuffing before the meal!

Source: People magazine