Withdrawal worries falling

A majority of Americans are not worried about leaving Afghanistan

Americans’ concerns that withdrawing troops from Afghanistan will make the United States vulnerable to terrorist attacks is waning somewhat, according to a new poll.

In fact, a slight majority of Americans (55 percent) say they aren’t worried about that scenario. That’s up from 43 percent back on Dec. 2, 2009, when President Obama first laid out his timetable for withdrawal. The new poll was conducted on June 25-26, within days of the televised speech during which Obama outlined his latest plan for bringing troops home. A number of things could have changed public perception: the death of Osama bin Laden and the sentiment that the government should focus its financial resources on solving domestic issues, for example.

Broken down by party affiliation, here’s the percentage of respondents who said they were worried the withdrawal will increase the threat to the States:

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  Dec. 2009 June 2011 Democrats 46% 35% Independents 51% 40% Republicans 79% 59%

Source: Gallup.com