‘It’s the economy and joblessness, stupid’

Republicans and Democrats agree: Economy and unemployment are top two problems

Political parties may not agree on much. One thing, though—make that two things—Democrats and Republicans agree on, according to a recent Gallup poll, is that the economy and unemployment are the United States’ top two problems, respectively. Those identified as Independents said the very same thing. While Democrats ranked fuel prices at No. 3, Republicans and Independents named the federal budget deficit as the nation’s third most significant problem. All three groups mentioned dissatisfaction with the government on their top-five list.

Top 5 most important problems facing the U.S., according to the two major parties:

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Democrats Republicans 1. Economy (34%) 1. Economy (38%) 2. Unemployment (20%) 2. Unemployment (24%) 3. (tie) Fuel prices (10%) 3. Federal budget deficit (17%) 4. Federal budget deficit (8%) 4. (tie) Fuel prices (10%) 5. (tie) Dissatisfaction w/govt. 5. (tie) Dissatisfaction w/govt. (9% each)

Source: www.gallup.com