Chico crime trending downward

Except auto thefts, which are way up

Crime rates were down or unchanged in January, February and March of this year, with the exception of auto thefts, which spiked upward, according to a press release issued Monday (June 27) by the Chico Police Department. (The most popular stolen vehicles have been 1990s-vintage Hondas and Acuras.) This continues a three-year downward trend in most categories. The chart below shows the first-quarter 2011 figures in all categories except murder, where the numbers are too low for comparisons to be made (there were two homicides during the quarter). The chart also shows the first-quarter 2010 figures and the average quarterly figures for 2010.

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Crime 1st qtr. 2011 1st qtr. 2010 qtrly avg. 2010 rape 5 13 10 robbery 16 25 25 assault 37 34 36 burglary 115 178 177 larceny 317 321 356 auto theft 103 44 56