Wildlife wonders await you

Get a tour of the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge

So you missed the Snow Goose Festival and think you’ve lost your opportunity to witness all the splendors of the bustling Pacific Flyway. Wrong!

The Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge in Willows is right in our back yard, giving us plenty of chances to view some amazing creatures throughout each season.

This time of year, waterfowl are aplenty. Species you may spot include snow and Ross’ geese, along with mallard, wigeon, teal, bufflehead, northern shoveler and ring-necked ducks. And come March, the shorebirds arrive. Think sandpipers, avocets, dowitchers and black-necked stilts.

Let refuge naturalists be your guide or head out with the resident photographer who will help you capture the perfect shot. For more info, call 934-2801, or visit www.fws.gov/sacramentovalleyrefuges.