Free ride

If you work in downtown Chico, get a B-Line pass gratis

Let’s face it, money is tight—at least for most of us. But, while riding a bike to work may sound like a good idea, the weather may be keeping more of us attached to our gas-consuming vehicles than we might like. What many Chicoans might not know is that if you work downtown—or you go to school or work at Chico State—you can ride all B-Line buses free. All you need to do is bring a pay stub over to the Chico Municipal Building and they’ll oblige with a bus pass (for Chico State, just slide your Wildcat ID at the farebox—no pass needed). If you don’t work downtown but you’re a senior, disabled or have a valid Medicare card, you qualify for half-price discounts. And hey, even if you can’t ride for free, tickets still cost less than a gallon of gas. Log onto for more information. Here’s a sample of the fares:

  Local Regional
One ride $1 $1.25
All-day pass $2.50 $2.75
10-day pass $9 $11
30-day pass $30 $37.50