Who loves ya?

President Obama seen as more caring than GOP about the little guy

President Barack Obama fared well in a recent Washington Post/ABC News poll that found that most Americans believe congressional Republicans do not have their backs and instead care more about the welfare of big business and big banks.

In response to the question, “Who cares more about protecting Wall Street [and] financial institutions?” 59 percent of respondents said Republicans, while 26 percent said Obama. Additionally, 67 percent of respondents said the GOP favored large business corporations (as opposed to 24 percent saying Obama cared more about big corporations).

Conversely, Obama was seen as caring more than Republicans about “you and your family”—47 percent chose Obama over the GOP, which got 37 percent of the you-and-your-family vote. Obama was also seen as more favorable to small business than Republicans.

Source: www.pollwatchdaily.com.