Where in the World Is Osama bin Laden?

The Weinstein Co.

Morgan Spurlock took on fast food in Super Size Me, and for this venture he has his sights on another target—the elusive Osama bin Laden. The film follows Spurlock, an expectant father hoping to make the world a better place for his child, around the Middle East, from Egypt to Pakistan. While it’s almost unbelievable that he got access to some of the places he went—the village where bin Laden grew up, for example—his journey and his discoveries are extremely fascinating. Having traveled to Egypt, Morocco and Israel myself, I can attest to the fact that many people there do respect Americans, just not American policy. When he visits war-torn and poverty-stricken regions like Afghanistan, however, he comes across some of the extremist views we’ve come to associate with the Taliban (that many people wrongly link to Islam). Despite some silly cartoons mixed throughout, Spurlock does an excellent job of dispelling a lot of the myths about the religion as well as shedding light on some of the realities of life in the Middle East that we aren’t exposed to, including why anyone would want to join the Taliban in the first place.