The Nude Bomb

Universal Studios

To cash in on the new Get Smart film Universal has thrown together the original big-screen adventure of the hapless spy, originally released in 1980. Simply put, The Nude Bomb isn’t a deep film. The plot loosely revolves around a plan to destroy all the clothing in the world by setting off a series of … you guessed it, nude bombs. Don Adams’ clumsy secret agent still elicits laughter, and it’s refreshing to watch a parody that doesn’t rely on gross-out humor. However, the absence of Adams’ foil, Barbara Feldon as Agent 99, is all too apparent. Andrea Howard as Agent 22 tries to fill her heels, but in the end she falls flat. Surprisingly there are no special features, but the picture and sound have been cleaned up. Fans of Get Smart or old-school parodies will feel right at home, but for anyone else The Nude Bomb “missed it by that much.”