Three Sheets: Season 2

Infinity Entertainment Group

Three Sheets, now in its third season on the MOJO network, stars Zane Lamprey, a sort of everyman who dives head first into local drinking customs around the world. Funny and insightful, Lamprey displays a Herculean ability to tie one on, and encourages viewers to imbibe along with him. He also discusses the cultural significance of what he’s consuming and illustrates any rituals surrounding the drink, such as the proper way to pour soju. Season two takes Lamprey across the world, from Kentucky to Seoul. Along the way, he drinks a wide variety of alcohol from simple standards such as Medalla, a full-bodied light beer that’s available only in Puerto Rico, to far more bizarre concoctions such as snake blood in Taipei. Three Sheets is shot in high-definition, which is unfortunately lost in the DVD format, and the second disc of extras feels pretty light (though the hour-long New York City pub crawl is pretty entertaining); however, those in search of an international pub crawl should consider this an excellent primer.