The Making of Puppets on the Moon, Part 1

Hibbity Skibbity

Hibbitty Skibbity performs at the Homegrown Music Festival at the Chico Grange Hall, May 17.

As offbeat as can be (without trying too hard to be weird), this short DVD is a follow-up to another equally refreshing and wacky short DVD, Jorge Goes to Hollywood, by local musical/puppeteering duo, violinist Gina Violina and guitarist August Kube, known collectively as Hibbitty Skibbitty. It’s also a preview of their soon-to-be-completed longer film, Puppets on the Moon. Totally endearing skeleton puppet Jorge Mojolote is once again the star, supported by a cast of puppets and humans that includes puppets Arturo Domingo, his lady love (and Jorge’s sister) Ena Queenaheaven, Victor Bling and Damien the Loverbug. At one point, the visuals morph for some length of time into pure psychedelia. Live original music by Hibbitty Skibbitty and friends on all of their films adds just the right touch of sonic quirkiness. Get a taste of videos “Jorge’s Donut” and “Jorge Goes to Redding” on Hibbitty Skibbitty’s MySpace page. It’s amazing how easy it is to be sucked into the world of this smartly dressed, happy, dancing skeleton and his buddies.