J.J. Abrams is something of a wizard. The Jedi-like producer behind TV shows such as Lost and Alias struck geek gold with this year’s bone-jarring monster flick Cloverfield. The DVD, though not as harrowing a visual experience on the small screen as it was in theaters, includes a nice mix of extras and Easter eggs for Cloverfield fiends to pore over. Bonus features include two lengthy, and rather interesting, documentaries on the making of the film—one a more general overview while the second dissects Cloverfield’s most iconic scenes from a technical, special-effects perspective—as well as two alternate endings (neither is wildly different from that of the theatrical release). For more rabid fans, the disc also has a few hidden features such as the “supplemental files” that play upon the film’s viral marketing. Furthermore, copies of the DVD bought at Best Buy are packaged with an exclusive second disc that contains comedian T.J. Miller’s (who played Hud in the film) hilarious video diary of his time on the Cloverfield set. All in all, this DVD is an extremely fan-friendly release that heightens the experience of the best American monster movie since the original King Kong.