We’re not haters

Racist fliers attached to News & Reviews distributed throughout Oroville

Last Thursday (Dec. 9), the CN&R got almost a dozen calls from concerned Oroville residents who had received copies (most of them over a year old) of the Chico News & Review on their lawns that morning. But that’s not all—wrapped around the papers was neo-Nazi propaganda.

Neighborhoods and businesses around the downtown area, as well as at least one in South Oroville, were littered with the hate-filled messages. One caller noted the name of Greg Withrow, a locally infamous, self-described “Aryan” from Palermo, written on one of the fliers. The Oroville Police Department did get one call regarding the incident, but because no crime was committed did not investigate.

Withrow was found to be behind the distribution of similar pamphlets on Martin Luther King Jr. Day in 2004 in South Oroville as well as the dissemination of anti-Mexican fliers in east Chico in 2006.

We at the CN&R assure everyone that we were not behind the delivery.